'"He makes me feel comfortable. He is like a second brother to me. I choose to make him red because he makes me feel warm."


" We like to go for drives. I like that we plan ahead. I like talking about things I like in the car."


"Croissant = Together
Marshmallows = Love
Sherbet = Life
Skittles= Appreciation"


" This flower represents my IV's beauty (both inside and out) as well as her elegance and delicacy"

Poems by children and young people

I know you’re there if I need a chat

I know you’re there when I need a friend

It’s good to know that you know I’m here,

Right until the very end

Our conversations roam far and wide

From Rupert Bear back to joining the Darkside!

You make me laugh and never cry,

To spend time with you is such fun

I too enjoy our time together

With all the compliments I might as well cry

An IV is a friend who takes me to places

An IV is a good listener, who pays attention to the detail of what I say

A friend is someone who cares for me, Who knows what I like

A friend is someone who is a companion for life, Who has time for me,

A friend is my IV

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