This report is a summary of the feedback following the ‘National Independent Visitors Network: celebrating the IV relationship’ event on 21st October 2019 at The Lift.  The event was run to consult with the network; launch the new Data Report following the Freedom of Information Request; consult and launch the new website, and to celebrate the IV relationship with children and young people.  

During the event we gathered feedback from attendees, which was insightful and informative for the NIVN development project, to identify what they got out of the day and what network members want in the future from the project.  

Overall, the feedback was positive, and network members that completed feedback forms felt that the event was a good place to network, share ideas and best practice with other services across England and Wales, and learn from each other. It was noted there was a ‘positive atmosphere’, which allowed for good discussion, about shared issues IV services faced; which allowed for solution based discussions. Feedback showed that attendees felt it was useful to learn about the wider service, and were able to understand the difference between Barnardo’s and NIVN Project. One of the attendees stated “it was informative and it felt very much worth travelling for”. The NIVN asked attendees to rate the overall content of the day which scored a 4 out of 5 (1 being poor and 5 being excellent). On average the network members rated the workshop quality at a 4. Some attendees felt it would have been beneficial to ask IV Coordinators what they wanted to discuss during the conference and what they wanted to get out of the day.  

There was a real consensus amongst attendees that the art work and drama performance was “brilliant”, and had a really positive impact. Attendees also valued the testimony from the young people and Independent Visitor. 

There was mixed feedback about how interactive and engaging the day was. Some of the feedback stated that the workshops covered a range of interesting topics that were reflective, interactive and engaging which allowed attendees to consider new ways of working. “The amount of consultation you fitted in was excellent and lots of time for networking too. A real feeling of togetherness too”, one attended noted. Others noted that there was not another time to come up with solutions to the issues being discussed during the workshops, and there was a need for facilitation on 2 workshops to keep the discussion on track. There was really positive feedback for both Facilitators on the ‘Influencing workshop’ and ‘Outcomes workshop’. It was also highlighted that the workshop layout was at some points unclear and confusing. The NIVN asked attendees to rate the quality of the workshops out 4 of 5. On average there the network members rated the workshop quality at a 4.  

Furthermore, there was varied feedback on the venue and catering facilities. Most of the attendees felt the catering facilities were good, scoring it 4 out of 5 (on average) but some noted there was a lack of choice, especially for those who had dietary requirements. There was a consensus among network members to provide some fruit with the lunch, however due to budget constraints this was difficult. Similarly, attendees gave mixed feedback about the venue, some stating it was good, other stating it was excellent, as it was close to the station and accessible. It is important to note that, the budget for conferences is considerably small and makes it difficult to find venues and catering within this budget range. The venue was scored on average a 4 out of 5.

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