Picking up on the popularity of last year’s ‘Autumn outdoor challenge’ for IVs, children and young people, we’ve created a ‘Summer nature challenge’!

We invite children, young people and befrienders to take part in a summer nature challenge! Being outdoors in nature is great for our mental health, helping us feel happy and relaxed.

Did you know that being around nature slows your heart down, helping you to relax?

Please take photos of your activities and let us know how they made you feel. Send them to All contributions will receive a £10 voucher and get posted to our website and social media with your agreement! The deadline for submissions is the 31st of August.

British summer wildlife guide: how to identify and where to see |

Challenge 1: Plan a picnic with your favourite snacks! Take care of nature and go plastic free.

Challenge 2: Make a summer crown with leaves, flowers and twigs. You’ll need to first make a plait with thick string or raffia.

Challenge 3: Go on a bug hunt! Insects are amazing and everywhere! There are 27,000 different types in the UK. How many kinds can you spot? We’d love to see a sketch!

Challenge 4: Follow your nose! How many different flowers can you smell and identify? Draw a picture and name the flower!


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