“My IV has helped me to make decisions about my college courses and what college to go to. I talk to her about wanting to be a nurse.” Female, 17, Bolton


“My IV has organised swimming lessons for me because I couldn’t swim. She has helped me to learn to ride a bike and make me safe on the roads.” Female, 17, Bolton 


“My IV encourages me to do things I’m unsure about. He ‘talks me up’.” Male, 15, Bolton 


“My IV helped to give me a different outlook on when I was feeling nervous about my school performance. This year I enjoyed the experience instead of feeling worried about being anxious about it.” Female, 15, Bolton 


When asked about what they would tell other YP about having an IV, one YP said: “That it actually works! It’s a good thing and they’ll enjoy it. They’ll be able to help someone the way my IV has helped me.” Male, 15, Bolton 


“It’s great, he makes me feel comfortable, sometimes we talk about things that worry me, but most of the time we do fun things together and have a good laugh.” Male, 11, Hartlepool 


“Well I suppose having an IV gives you someone to talk to but also have fun with. It’s a way of having freedom and choice of what you do. I’ve been to places like Harry Potter world, Madame Tussaud’s and up The Shard”, Wokingham

Red is my Soul

“My IV is friendly; she changes my life a lot. She’s making me calmer because…”

Our Relationship

This poem was created as part of the young people’s conference, in June 2018 by a child and their IV.