‘Red is my soul’ is a poetry collection created by a young person (male), aged 12 he wrote during his time with his Independent Visitor.  

I struck one last shot,

It may have been the lot,

But time was running out.

My doubt became my strength.


As I saw it hit the net

My heart was released.


Beneath Mount Caburn,

Nothingness like a diamond

Shivering down my spine.


The wind breezy with the swaying trees,

The Pond of mating frogs,

The Valley of dead sheep

Peaceful in their sea of blood.


This day on Mount Caburn,

Nothing to hear but the thick whistle of the skylark                                                                             

Dancing with the clouds.

As my heart shattered

Into tiny pieces

I held one last breath.


The clouds in my head

Became the fear.


I was green, I was green

Walking Bramble and Bobbin,

A lifetime feeling

Happy with the animals.


Staring into the intense thin blue air,

No clouds to be seen,

The day time moon

Watching us tiny little dots

Stringed along the path

In Warren Wood,


Feathers on the footpath

Like leopard skin,

Sheep like statues, asleep in the small wood,

Fox near the big house

Blue marked,

Young and independent and on its own.

A first ever badger

Dead in the road,

Our sadness shared.

Fisherman on the Bolney lakes

Breakfasting and unsocial,

And we played football on the Rec,

Singing loudly and laughing

As we drove home.

The sun goes down.

We sit on the bench

Watching how the wind blows.


As the clouds pass,

Not a day goes by

That I don’t miss you


Dark clouds go by.

I look at the names

We have lost.


The ball glides past

Swerving in an out,

I know I can succeed


Four crows above my head,

Nothing to see

But blue sky.

Me as high as a bird of prey,

Swooping in the misty fog,

Flying through the trees,

Nothing to be heard,

Just the whistling

Of the invisible birds.

The spray of blue sea,

The gloomy pebbles,

The wind against my red face,

Looking out into the white stars.


Blue is my melancholy,

Red is my soul,

White is my happiness.

Red is my Soul

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