Due to the instability, worry and lack of agency many vulnerable children experience I wanted to offer a fun, safe and stable environment where children/young people can partake in new, exciting activities whilst also feeling comfortable to share any worries/concerns without being judged. I found out about the independent visitor service through the Doncaster Children’s Services Trust website.  

I feel that my role as an IV impacts upon CYP in a positive manner as once trust is established, you are able to nurture their strengths, build their confidence and advocate effectively on their behalf as they sometimes struggle to articulate their feelings to others.  

Every child is different however the child I am matched with as an IV for at the moment especially loves animals, dancing and Disney movies!  

As the child I am matched with has autism, I feel having an IV has a positive impact on him as he is able to increase his social skills through interacting with new people, build his self-confidence through partaking in new activities and most importantly have fun!  

Andy’s story

Check out this video about Andy’s experience of being an Independent Visitor with Wiltshire Council.

Siobhan’s story

I had been looking into doing some voluntary work with children for a while but a lot of voluntary jobs required a weekly commitment and…