During October, the NIVN Project sent out a Halloween activity for young people to do with their Independent Visitor. We sent out mask templates, and pumpkin carving kits so that they could get creative and spend some quality time together doing something fun, virtually or in person. We also asked them the reflect on their relationship over the past year and share their thoughts with us. Here are some of the creative pieces of art they created together and some of their thoughts. 

*Please note some names of children and young people have been changed for confidential purposes*

“Some pictures of our day today and the pumpkins 🎃 the young people carved. We also made a den. It’s been such a lovely day. 😊

We also spoke about our experiences and the adventures we have been on over the past year.

They both said they really enjoy having fun days out. I got a 10 out of 10!! John said he thought our trips out are “awesome”.  They enjoy going to new places and seeing new things, they said they especially liked the “Den making” today and Sarah said she loves going shopping and doing my nails for me. John said he loves eating out! I love it when we are all laughing so much we can’t stop🤣.   I asked about anything that could improve our visits and they both said more visits!”

“Me and Katherine like to go on long walks along the canal to feed the ducks and we like to have lots of fun and sometimes we go to the cinemas then we’ll have lunch.” – Casey, young person.

“I love spending time with Casey, she’s fun, super smart and curious about the world.  Some of the questions she asks blow my mind – she has a wonderful take on things and wants to do her bit to save the planet. I enjoy our walks, especially when there are animals to watch. I’m never going on a fairground ride with her again though!!” – Katherine, Independent Visitor

“Frankie carved and then painted a pumpkin to match her own mask and I painted a pumpkin. We had good fun doing it and discussed how it’s been an odd year to start a new visiting relationship up but how much fun we have had all the same!” – Independent Visitor.

This was created by Kaci & her IV, Hannah. They generally reflected on their time together and the fun things they have done – this is a special match as the IV is the best friend of Kaci’s previous IV who sadly 

passed away. Hannah volunteered to become an IV and was matched with Kaci. They have been able to share memories of Kaci’s previous IV and in turn Kaci has been able to keep a link to her.

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